Bloomberg: Biden’s choice would be good for Bitcoin, bad for DeFi

The Biden administration may not have the same „hands-off“ approach to regulating cryptosystems, Bloomberg argues.

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Bloomberg: Biden’s choice would be good for Bitcoin, bad for DeFiNOTICIAS

Bloomberg’s latest crypto bulletin argues that the election of Joe Biden as US president would bring greater widespread adoption of Bitcoin (BTC), including possible approval of exchange-traded funds. In addition, it referred to the policies of President Donald Trump’s administration regarding crypto currencies as „hands free:

„A possible presidency of Joe Biden should lead to a greater appreciation in the price of Bitcoin, in our opinion. The new leadership can change the Trump administration’s policy of non-intervention, to the detriment of the wider crypt market, and push the first-born benchmark into the mainstream, improving the chances of an ETF“.
Considering that yesterday the Justice Department released its 70 page „Cryptocurrency: An Enforcement Framework“, the bulletin was probably written before that.

The author claims that the same forces would hinder DeFi’s growth. Both conclusions are based on the assumption that a „democratic sweep“ would potentially allow greater regulatory clarity for crypto space. DeFi space has skyrocketed this year in a completely unregulated environment. It is no coincidence that the perpetrators behind the KuCoin hack have been laundering their illicit profits through the largest decentralised exchange, Uniswap.

Bloomberg says that regardless of the election result, „the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise no matter who the president-elect is, but at a moderate rate. He also concludes that if the price of Bitcoin continues to grow during the next presidential term even at half the rate it enjoyed from 2016 to 2020, it would reach USD 80,000 in 2024:

„The seemingly unstoppable trends in the US debt-to-GDP ratio, quantitative easing (QE) and the increasing hash rate of Bitcoin indicate that the price of cryptosystems is more likely to continue to move forward during the next presidential administration, in our view. Roughly half of the 1,400% gain since the 2016 vote would take the price of Bitcoin to USD 80,000 in 2024“.