Michael Saylor siger, at han ikke kan tale om sine Bitcoin-diskussioner med Elon Musk

Administrerende direktør for verdens største børsnoterede business intelligence-firma siger, at han ikke kan afsløre detaljer om drøftelser, han har haft med Tesla-administrerende direktør Elon Musk.

I et interview med CNBC tilføjer Michael Saylor rygterne om, at Musk måske overvejer, om han vil tilføje BTC til Teslas balance.

”Jeg kan ikke tale om mine samtaler med [Musk], men hvad jeg kan sige er, at Tesla, Apple og Google alle har det samme problem – de sidder på store bunker kontanter og spreder aktionærernes formue med en hastighed på 15-20% om året gange kontanter.

De har brug for at gøre det fra en forpligtelse til et aktiv, og den bedste måde at gøre det på er at konvertere det til Bitcoin, fordi Bitcoin stiger mere end 100% om året. Kontanter forringes med 15% om året. ”

Michael Saylor opfordrede for nylig Musk til at investere i Bitcoin, efter at Tesla-hovedet sendte en provokerende meme om BTC på Twitter.

“Hvis du vil give dine aktionærer en fordel på 100 milliarder dollars, skal du konvertere TSLA-balancen fra USD til BTC. Andre virksomheder på S&P 500 ville følge din ledelse, og med tiden ville det vokse til at blive en $ 1 billion dollar. ”

Saylor kalder Bitcoin for ”verdens første konstruerede safe-haven-aktiv” og siger, at det sandsynligvis bliver mindre ustabilt over tid.

„Når institutionerne køber Bitcoin, ændres dets volatilitet, og aktivklassens egenskaber modnes.“

Efter at have foretaget en række højt profilerede BTC-investeringer i år, ejer MicroStrategy omkring $ 1,65 milliarder dollars i Bitcoin ifølge Bitcoin Treasuries.

Saylor siger, at han har gjort „nord for 500 millioner dollars“ på sine Bitcoin-væddemål i 2020.

Self-determination – Los Angeles crypto artwork “opens doors” for children

Former MLB player Micah Johnson raises donations for children with his crypto artwork.

An interactive crypto artwork of former professional athlete Micah Johnson, who was in the American Baseball League MLB in the Tampa Bay Rays under contract, on a large display board in Los Angeles issued

The crypto work of art is entitled „ˈsä-v (ə-) rən-tē“, which is phonetic transcription for the English word „Sovereignty“ and in this context means something like „self-determination“. It depicts two African-American children confronting an astronaut who personifies the hopes and career aspirations of the two.

However, there is a closed door between them, which opens a little wider every year on the children’s birthdays , while the children come closer and closer to the door. However, the progress of this approach depends on the amount of The News Spy platform donated by the owners of an associated crypto token. This so-called non-fungible token also depicts the work of art, which means that its owners have partial ownership of the crypto work of art.

The collected donations are in turn stored in a hardware wallet and passed on to the two children on their 18th birthday

The billboard with the digital image is on one side of the Courtyard Marriot Hotel on West Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles. The exhibition period extends from December 7th to January 10th, 2021.

Jacquelin Napal, the operator of the exhibiting art gallery, explains that the public presentation intends to preserve the population’s access to art in times of the corona crisis:

“Everyone should have the opportunity to experience art and culture. We hope that with an inspiring work of art like ˈsä-v (ə-) rən-tē we can give people some distraction during this difficult time. “
Last month, the art value was sold for more than $ 120,000 on the blockchain platform Async Art . The amount raised is a new record for an NFT artwork.

In addition, the crypto work of art won the prize for the best NFT of 2020 at the “NFT Awards” just this week.

Lo Studio di Capitale Intellettuale chiama XRP una delle attività più intriganti di Crypto

L’azienda di gestione del rischio quotata in borsa FRMO Corp. sta sostenendo la causa di XRP.

Nella sua ultima lettera agli azionisti, la società delinea la sua posizione rialzista sui mercati cripto e in particolare delinea l’XRP come un’attività digitale unica nel suo genere per il fatto che non è estratta e che è di natura deflazionistica.

L „XRP, di per sé, è una delle valute più intriganti, in quanto è esplicitamente deflazionistica. C’è un modesto costo per le transazioni in XRP, che in realtà non viene pagato a nessun intermediario. Il compenso, che è una frazione molto piccola di una unità di XRP e che viene utilizzato per proteggere la rete, viene semplicemente distrutto. Pertanto, il numero di unità di XRP è in costante diminuzione“.

L’XRP ha una fornitura totale di 100 miliardi di monete, e ogni volta che viene inviata una transazione XRP, 0,00001 XRP viene bruciato. L’azienda dice che questo potrebbe diventare un fattore nella proposta di valore di XRP se la moneta è ampiamente adottata nel mainstream.

„Se la velocità di transazione dell’XRP dovesse aumentare notevolmente, il numero di unità monetarie diminuirebbe notevolmente, creando così un ritorno sostanziale anche se la moneta stessa non subisse un aumento della capitalizzazione di mercato. Tuttavia, essa sperimenterebbe un aumento di valore per unità“.

FRMO afferma che i suoi investimenti in partnership private ora detengono posizioni in Bitcoin e molti dei primi 10 maggiori asset cripto per capitalizzazione di mercato.

L’azienda sta anche estraendo Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Zcash (ZEC), Litecoin (LTC) e Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Bitcoin (BTC) and these 7 Altcoins are the top crypto currencies for 2021 according to well-known crypto traders

Crypto dealer Aaron Arnold, known under the pseudonym Altcoin Daily, reveals eight crypto currencies that he believes have massive growth potential for 2021.

Not surprisingly, Bitcoin is at the forefront of this development. Interesting are however surely the 7 Altcoins, which decorate beside BTC its Portfolio for the coming year 2021.

Arnold informed his 283,000 subscribers that Bitcoin (BTC) is his first choice for the new year. He refers to an interview in which Daniel Schulman, PayPal’s managing director, describes how Bitcoin is just beginning to gain acceptance among merchants.

I think with crypto currencies you will have more and more benefits. One of the things we have allowed is not only that we make it easy to buy, sell, and hold crypto-currencies, but, very importantly, we will allow crypto-currencies to be a source of financing for every transaction that occurs at all 28 million of our merchants early next year.

Polkadot (DOT) is the second choice

The crypto vendor points out that the next-generation block chain protocol, which enables interoperability, is the most popular network to stake out. Token owners have deposited $3 billion in Polkadot’s validators to provide a passive income opportunity. Arnold also notes that the Polkadot ecosystem continues to grow in the areas of distributed financial applications (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and bridges for interoperability.

In third place is Ethereum (ETH). Arnold expects that the leading smart contract platform will continue to grow with the introduction of ETH 2.0, which promises a new era of staking and scalability.

The decentralized financial darling yearn.finance (YFI) comes in fourth place. Arnold refers to Yearn Improvement Proposal 54 (YIP-54) as a possible catalyst for YFI. With the upgrade, quarterly audits will be conducted to make the management of YFI more transparent. It also enables the creation of an operational fund to buy back YFI tokens and other assets.

Cardano will soon implement 2 major updates

Cardano (ADA) took fifth place. The influencer believes that the eighth largest crypto currency is preparing to introduce two major upgrades, one of which is the highly anticipated release of Yella.

Also known as IELE, Yella is a virtual machine (VM) and can be used by developers to create DApps in any popular programming software and, once completed, convert and run them with Yella…

He continued:

It also supports Solidity, Ethereum’s native programming language, Yella will be the perfect component to convert DApps from Ethereum to Cardano… Earlier, when the CEO of IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) compared Ethereum’s virtual machine to Yella, he said that the latter would make Ethereum’s virtual machine ‚look like a toy.

Ripple’s XRP is also set to play a bigger role

The number six is XRP. Arnold stresses that he is not personally invested in the third largest crypto currency, but he says Ripple is pushing to make the XRP ledger a fundamental component of the central bank’s digital currency movement.

According to Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, they want central banks to consider using the XRP ledger to issue stablecoins… Ripple wants to be part of the action.

His last two Altcoins are Synthetix (SNX) and Chainlink (LINK). Arnold highlights the fact that crypto platforms are converging to allow users to trade real assets such as oil in a decentralized manner.

sOIL is a synthetic asset that reflects the price movements of oil using a decentralized Chainlink oracle network… It is available on the Synthetix Exchange and can be traded for any synth with unlimited liquidity and zero slippage.

Ethereum confirme le retour à la hausse d’un soutien essentiel contre Bitcoin

Ethereum a passé les mois d’été à surpasser facilement Bitcoin, mais cette tendance s’est inversée dès les mois d’automne. Le changement de tendance vers le DeFi a contribué à faire baisser la cryptocouronne, qui se classait au deuxième rang, afin de tester à nouveau la résistance à l’appui.

Le re-test haussier s’est depuis maintenu et il pourrait ramener le altcoin à des sommets de re-test sur son ratio par rapport à la CTB. Voici les niveaux clés à surveiller et un regard plus approfondi sur le niveau de support qui s’est maintenu et pourquoi il est si important pour l’avenir du marché de la cryptographie.

Les altcoins sont au niveau „Do or Die“, Ethereum arrive pour sauver la situation

Au cours des dernières semaines, la hausse ininterrompue de Bitcoin à près de 16 000 dollars a aspiré le capital du marché des altcoins.

La surperformance de l’espace DeFi a finalement été corrigée de façon drastique, entraînant Ethereum dans sa chute et faisant chuter l’alt le mieux classé sur la paire BTC.

La domination de BTC est de retour pour tester à nouveau les sommets récents, renvoyant les altcoins autrefois à la mode vers le bas pour tester à nouveau le support contre Bitcoin.

Le soutien d’Ethereum sur des échéances mensuelles remontant jusqu’en 2016 s’est maintenu après que l’actif crypto ait retrouvé son niveau de résistance.

Un nouveau test haussier sur des échéances élevées pourrait signaler que les altcoins sont sur le point de se retourner contre les bitcoins à tendance.

L’inversion de la tête et des épaules sur la paire de négociation ETHBTC pourrait entraîner un ratio à la hausse

Si Ethereum peut continuer à se maintenir au-dessus du niveau de soutien mensuel, cela pourrait conduire à la réalisation d’un graphique inversé de la tête et des épaules.

Ce type de graphique est souvent un modèle de fond, qui pourrait indiquer une reprise plus longue d’Ethereum par rapport à la toute première cryptocarte.

Du sommet de la tête à l’encolure de la structure, il y a eu une remontée de 120 %. Selon la règle de mesure, en appliquant la hauteur du motif au point de rupture, on obtient un objectif potentiel de près de 0,08 sur le ratio ETHBTC.

Le prix le plus élevé jamais enregistré sur le ratio, était de 0,15, ce qui fait qu’un Ethereum vaut environ 15 % pour une seule CTB. Aujourd’hui, Ethereum se négocie à un peu moins de 3 % du prix d’un bitcoin, mais si le schéma se complète, il se rapprochera nettement des 10 % avant l’été prochain.

Et quand Ethereum fera enfin un bond après avoir confirmé le niveau clé comme soutien, elle pourrait emporter le reste du marché des altcoins avec elle, et commencer le nouveau crypto bull run officiel.