Coastal and Marine Special issue on "The CleanSea Project: An interdisciplinary study of marine litter in the EU"

This special issue of Coastal & Marine presents some of the results that have been achieved by the CleanSea Project, the first European Framework Programme (FP7) research project aiming to support European efforts to reduce marine litter to keep European seas clean, healthy and productive. This entails improving the knowledge and understanding of marine litter composition, distribution and impacts and identifying a mix of strategies and measures to abate this problem.

One of the striking features of the CleanSea Project is the interdisciplinary and collaborative research, which you’ll find reflected in the spirit of the pages you are about to read. With contributions from governance experts, environmental economists, legal experts, chemists, biologists, engineers, civil society actors, consultants, municipal government civil servants and ourselves, representatives of the marine-focussed NGO, EUCC Mediterranean Centre, there is no lack of diversity in the approach to studying marine litter. In this special issue you will find articles on everything from novel microlitter sampling techniques and biota-litter interaction data from the field and laboratory, to specific examples of economic costs of marine litter and governance gaps, to good practices.

This magazine is the result of a joint effort from researchers all over Europe and stakeholder engagement via the CleanSea platform that has been active in the four regional seas.

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