EUCC Mediterranean Centre, Spain

EUCC Mediterranean Centre is a not-for-profit association supporting the Coastal and Marine Union (EUCC) mission, especially (but not exclusively) in the Mediterranean. This includes promoting coastal and marine management, integrating biodiversity conservation, the integrity of landscapes, cultural heritage and the social fabric of our coast. The Med Centre plays a major role in the field of communication and stakeholder’s involvement in a wide range of pan-European projects and encouraging a cross-disciplinary approach to investigating and resolving coastal issues. The Med Centre led the Dissemination WP of FP6 SPICOSA (Science and Policy Integration for Coastal Systems Assessment) and FP6 CONSCIENCE (Concepts and Science for Coastal Erosion Management). EUCC is the Coordinator and WP5 leader of FP7 Science in Society “MARLISCO – Marine Litter in Europe’s Seas – Social awareness and Co-responsibility” (starting April 2012). EUCC has worked with Arcadis-BE on the DG-ENV pilot project on marine litter cases and plastic cycle loopholes.

Role in project

Leader of WP7 (dissemination) and contributor to WP4 (socio-economic analysis) WP5 (policy options) and WP6 (Integration and Road map).

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